I’m planning to build a prototype boardgame to show off what I’m capable of and eventually move on to a greater challenge.
I’m using This course to build the game design and will try to prototype in Unreal.

The name could be “Gentrification”

  • Theme: An old and charming popular district is becoming trendy.
    Healthy people are settling there, and after a while the newest and oldest communities doesn’t fit together anymore.
    Which one will stand still?
    For you to find out!

  • One board (5x5)

  • 3 Pawns per player

  • Each pawn will have their own skills and move rule

The goal is to push every pawns of the other player out of the board.

So I could finish this section to the with no issue.

Now I tried to implement a boardgame prototype in blueprint.

I can host and join a session, spawning the board and some pawns.
But only the server can see them (the pawns) bouncing when selected.

here is the repo : Gentrification if anyone wanne throw an eye.

The IP to join is hardblueprinted in Game/UI/W_MainMenu

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