Gameplay Programmer Journey

Hello students! My name is K-B! I am also host of the Community Podcast!

I am also creator of The Brooklyn Bridge I’m Blender. You can check it out here: Building The Brooklyn Bridge

I have struggled with my next few projects but with my plans to move to L.A coming up I decided it was time to create the artifacts from the Finish It! Course.

I already have a YouTube channel already called TheK-B1000. I’m going to start a programming series. This series will be me taking some of my favorite moments from my favorite video games and recreating it in Unreal. I will be using C++. I will start posting in 2020.

I have been studying Game Design, Unreal, Unity, C++, C#, 3D Modeling, Psychology, Politics, Editing and so much more. I feel like I’m a jack of all trades but a master a none. With my goals to become a Gameplay Programmer and one day have my own studio I need to step up and become a master at Gameplay Programming. I never went to College and I never had any other training but from courses.

After learning how to make the game mechanics I will create YouTube videos teaching how to make these game mechanics in Unreal using C++

Also part of this series I am going to be explaining the struggles I go through as I challenge myself and throw myself into the Gaming Industry. I am moving to L.A to further my career. I am going to start with a QA Tester position or Operations Coordinator position. After doing a tons of these videos I will then make my way to Gameplay Programming. After awhile of doing that I will make my way to Game Designer. I will continue to move up and save up money. I will continue to push myself and learn everything I need to learn to be the best at my craft! I have already spent hours and hours studying everything. Now you can follow me and watch as I work my way through the gaming industry!

I will constantly be posting updates here.

The beginning of this journey I am going to do a couple tutorials on YouTube. I will be doing game mechanics and converting them to C++. I will be doing this to get more comfortable and give me a better framework to work with. Learning C++ had been difficult and I feel like I finally understand it but to fully engage with the content I need to challenge myself and make game mechanics on my own. I need to take a leap of faith and trust myself. I am also using a math textbook called 3D Math Primer for Graphics and Game Development and the Math For Games course to help me improve my math skills. Anytime I have a gap in my knowledge I will go to the Unreal C++ course to help me learn more. I am going to follow Sam’s model of engagement.

The goal for all of this is to get a job at Naughty Dog.

Even if I get the job this will never end. I will continue to recreate game mechanics and create tutorials online how to do it in C++. I want to provide value back to you guys! I want to help you along your journey any way I can!

Let’s get after it and make our dreams come true!

Stay tuned for updates !


Update Time!

How is everyone doing!?

I have been hard at work planning out my C++ Game Mechanic Plan. I even put Unreal Cinematics in the plan. Which is a course I have been so excited for since I heard about it!

On Monday I was messing around trying to make a jetpack in Unreal using C++. It didn’t go so well. I was trying to get IsFalling in C++ but didn’t get it to work correctly and I couldnt get PlayerInputComponent->BindAction to work. I went into further investigation on Tuesday and figured out everything I wrote that had to do with Input Component was right and it was something. else.

I spent all Tuesday planning everything so I can get the most done with the time I have. Then I spent the rest of my time trying to create a combat system. Didn’t get far so I decided to continue with Bull Cow Game.

On Wednesday I did Bull Cow Game and the Podcast. I edited a bunch of episodes and am excited for what we have in store for you guys.

Thursday I was able to catch up in Bull Cow Game. I also spent a lot of time planning a book with my friend. We have been working on this book idea for so long. We have an actually physical copy of the book and we are now in the editing stages. I also was dealing with some internal stuff. Everything is all good. I believe it is always important to take time to reflect.

This week was a lot of banging my head and making sure I am using my time wisely. I have everything in place. I am going deep into Battle Tank, The new Building Escape and recreating game mechanics. Stay Tuned for more. I’ll be posting updates on Battle Tank and the AI game mechanics I am trying to make in C++. For the AI game mechanics I am following a tutorial in blueprint but writing it in C++. So far it really helps me learn. I love learning C++ and hopes these updates will help you relate in the struggle but also inspire you to pursue learning Unreal and C++.



wow in which soft ware have you made it

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I recently tried Outer Worlds and I love the game so much. I want to make game mechanics from Outer Worlds. So all the mechanics in the next coming weeks will be based off the game. I’m going to prototype a first person rpg shooter game. My first task is to build the first person controller in C++. Last Tuesday I dabbled with it for a little. I’m going to work on learning that and learning AI.


I started building the first person rpg. I am also working on a Game Design Project.

Stay tuned.

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So far I’m going through the Testing Ground Portion of the Unreal C++ Course. It’s a lot to take in when we get to the C++ part. But I’m loving every minute. I’m using this section to help learn how to make a first person RPG like The Outer Worlds.

The United Planets - Plan

C++ | During the Day

  1. Reach 254 in Testing Grounds

Blueprints | Every Night - November

  1. Complete pt. 12 of Guns Tutorial
  2. Setup XP and Leveling Tutorials
  3. Complete pt. 13 of Quests Tutorial

C++ | During the Day - December

  1. Reach 294 in TG (Skip 280 and 281)
  2. Be able to walk around, pick up different weapons, level up and do quests.

Every night I write the Game Mechanics in Blueprint and then during the day. I spend a lot of time converting Guns, Leveling up and Quests to C++ (Use 308 - Converting a Character BP to C++ to help convert the Blueprints)

The goal is by the end of this month I have a small RPG in Unreal writing in C++

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I worked on guns in blueprint today. We rebuilt the first person shooter. We rebuilt the firing system. It allowed us to create semi-auto and full-auto guns.

Yesterday I spent all day practicing how to convert C++ to Blueprint. As I work in Blueprint I am getting ready to convert it to C++

I am working on increasing my knowledge of Blueprint so I can help answer questions on the Udemy Blueprint course Q&A and Blueprint course Lecture Discussions.

Also I am also working on the Unreal Cinematic course occasionally at night. I’m working a lot at Unreal form different angles to really master this beast of an engine.

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I’m studying with three projects. Building game mechanics from an RPG like OuterWorlds, Learning C++ fundamentals with Building Escape, and building the space battles from the old 2015 Star Wars Battlefront 2 game.

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Delegating to Components :space_invader:

I learned how delegation can hide information and I created a Starship Player Controller :rocket:

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