- Unscheduled Maintenance

Dear all,

Please be aware that, due to the hot weather, a door to the data centre was left open earlier today which has led to a quantity of uninvited guests taking control of!

There are waves of angry blocks, a deflated ball and a very unhappy bat creating chaos in the data centre which has led to Server Error 500 messages being displayed instead of your awesome games.

The team at are aware of the issue, the door has been shut and everyone is actively trying to round up these trouble makers and return to it’s previous state.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by this interruption to service, but rest assured the culprits will be dealt with most severely!



Ah that’s good to know, I’ll stop trying to upload my TwinSticks game until it’s fixed.

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Sounds like quite the story!

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Thanks Rob, to be clear we may NOT be able to fix Gamehucket and are about to release an educational announcement to say use for now instead

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Just use as an alternative

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