[GAME] INFIDEL Escape from North Korean Prison

more than 64 States. 2 endings and 7 ways to die.

HINT: Check the mattress again after taking the spring. You’ll need cotton for later.


I’ve spent 8 days on this game so far. I think I’m going to work on this for one more day and then I’m moving on to the next project. This is my first completed game.

I’ve fixed most of the bugs in the game. All states are playable. Still a couple bugs though. Sometimes the last character in the message is missing. Some other text issues. If you find something wrong with the game, please let me know.

1.34 update - I reverted back to a similar auto typing feature. I had tried to make it so the text typing rate was more smooth. It ended in disaster, I had to End task my project and I had to remake animations and re attach game files.
I changed the font size and font, I fixed a couple states so that now all states are playable. I fixed the bug on reset where you were not able to speed up the text on the first frame.

1.35 Update fixed the autotype, (brought it back to original version). Fixed message error when stove is on without cotton and then come back with cotton. All the major bugs are removed. The only thing left to fix are last character omissions on some text and perhaps a few spelling and grammatical errors.

I changed the font in the game to something more arcade-like.

Try the game out, try to find the secret ending.


Love the game! Hate that font… .:smiley:

Thanks! I agree with you about the font, looks good when its large but not when it is small. Changed the font to something more old-school arcade style. I also made a couple fixes, now every state is playable and I fixed a bug on restart. I’m going to wind down this project. The fixes that need to be made are not worth the time to fix them at this point. Glad you enjoyed the game, as far as I know you and I are the only ones who have played it.

No one is playing my game… :frowning:

What a game man! 'You’ve made an awesome game!

Thank you! I put a lot of time and a little love into this. Glad you enjoyed. It made me happy reading your comment.

@wcoltd Cool game. I just completed watching the Section 3 videos and have an idea to create a game. However, I have facing a few issues (Want to add some new features but not getting proper references). I would like to know how did you programmatically made Spring or Broken glass image appear.

Did you have different controller classes for them? Kindly share a little snippet it that’s okay with you.

Thanks and Regards,

Okay, first download the image ( I used Paint.net to turn background color to alpha) change the background color of an image to alpha, then after you import the asset of the picture into your game, select it, and change texture type to 2D/UI and drag the image and resize it to where you want it to be on the canvas.

It is all with the same controller script, its probably better if you have another controller but I liked having everything on one script. So no, I just added these lines to the textController script.

If you play the game the image should appear.

Now go into your script and add
public GameObject Mirror;

 and in the 
         Mirror.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().enabled = false;

That should disable the image, if you attach the mirror to the script it should not appear when the game starts.

So at some state like
    state_Mirror_0() {
    "You are looking into the mirror, it looks broken, take shard? \n\n" +
    "Press T to take shard"
    Mirror.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().enabled = true;
    myState = States.Mirror_1;

If you want to know other stuff, let me know.

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@wcoltd Thanks for the apt reply. I get the concept, however I have a few questions

Suppose if there are multiple images that should appear at different game states then the above code will enable all of them at once?

The point is that I am not giving any particular reference point to enable a particular asset then how does it work? or For each asset I need to define a separate GameObject.

To answer your question. No, it will only make that specific game object appear. If you have multiple images like I did. What I would do is put in each GameObject where you initialize variables in the script (before the Start() function)
then assign each one of the sprite renderers to false in the Start() function

When you want the image to appear in whatever state it is in, on button press to get the item 
    Mirror.GetComponent<SpriteRenderer>().enabled = true;
or Spring
or Kung fu

or whatever the image is.

Make sure to attach ALL the game Objects to the script or else they will all appear no matter what and you might have other bugs.

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Great game ! It was interesting and engaging :smiley:

Very nice! Would be great if it had a save system, for example at the start of each section.

I liked ‘you know Kung Fu, but he knows Kung Two’!

Hi there,

Very impressive game ! Besides the style, which is pretty cool already, I love how the game flows. At no moment does the progression seems forced, as a player you really feel the logic of the gameplay from the beginning. I can tell that you spent time on this and it really pays off ! Great job !

Wow…You’ve taken it to the next level! I love the history and the sound effects! The only thing i dont like is the color of the letters… Maybe its just me. Good work man!

Thanks for the feedback Mario, I appreciate your input.

It would be nice to have a save system. I’ve never made one of those before, I’ll try it on the next game. Thank you Alistair for mentioning the Kung Two part, ever since I put that into the game I’ve been wondering if anyone would notice it. You made my day. Thanks!

Thank you Ian, I’m glad you were impressed. It was a real rush to program it. Thank you for the compliment. I’ll be making even better games in the near future. The next game project, a number wizard. I’ve got some good ideas of how to improve it. I can’t wait to get back into the flow of programming.

Ralis thanks, Yeah, I suppose the color of the text can make it a bit hard to read. I liked the old arcade style though, kind of like a throwback.

wow, that was well polished. Congrats @wcoltd!
And thanks It definitely inspires us to make a cool game too.

Thanks! Check out Cave of Hope, that was one of my favorites.


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