Futuristic tank for printing

Made this thinking I might print it one day.



Wowww :astonished: that looks amazing, kinda reminds me of a hetzer tank.Looks pretty lethal XD. I love the details on it, looks game-worthy~
First thing I made was also a tank, though less cool looking than this one.

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This tank rocks!

I’m starting the curse right now and seeing such a cool work from another student is really stimulating. Would love to see a textured version of it.

Hope to see more stuff from you.

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Thanks Man. been quite busy at work lately but I’m feeling the bug again :smiley:


Don’t forget to post it here later!

So I haven’t painted it yet but I just discovered SketchFab. So I’ve put it up on there so you can people can get a better look at it.


This is cool mate! Reminds me of a tank in Halo or something like that…awesome job!

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I’m stealing this and then taking over the world!

See you guys soon!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Exceptional work, thanks for sharing :smiley:

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