Fun fact - 'Popularity' of each section

Hi guys,

Just wanted to share a quick test I did to calculate the ‘popularity’ of each section and to visualize this in a funnel. This is not an attempt at scientific accuracy, just for fun.

Basically, this visualizes the amount of new posts for each section, thus showing either

  • how many people are working on that section (therefore many posts), or
  • it shows the difficulty of each section (therefore many posts).

Anyway, it looks like this:

Gamedev Forum popularity

Confirming my suspicion that the Block Breaker section is the most active Gamedev section of the course


Quite an interesting picture of things…

Obviously the course is older than our forum, but we do tend to have a bit of a drop off on that course from Glitch Garden onwards… Bowl Master is a big section and I suspect some students either haven’t made it through, or stop and then haven’t returned.

Block Breaker is the section that also receives the most questions, perhaps not unsurprising as it is really the first significantly more interactive/fun game in the course.

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