Front of tank sinking into ground

Hey there,

So I understand everything that’s happening in this video, and it’s great. However, as the tank barrel elevates up or down, the front of the tank sinks into the ground, in turn pitching the camera downwards until the barrel is finished it’s pitch change, at which point it snaps back into a rotation of 0,0,0.

Here is the link to the commit I am having issues with.

I had this same exact problem, it has to do with your tank’s collisions. It’s covered in the “Working Round Awkward Bugs” video, so I’ll leave it to the video to do the explaining :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@DanielGillies A quick fix is disabling collision for turret and barrel.

Awesome, thanks guys! I’ll take a look. I figured it had to do with collisions and I was trying to mess around with them to get it to stop happening, but I’ll take a look at that video.

Wouldn’t disabling collisions cause problems when we want those parts of the tank to be hit by enemy shells, and would also enable them to pass through other objects in the world?

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