From Krazy Karts to Hover Tanks

I finished the multiplayer course at the end of last year, and I really enjoyed it! I’ve decided that the time has come to put everything together that I’ve learned so far in a working project. That became Hover Tanks! (I’ve created the tank mesh myself, and I’m proud of it! :smiley: )

I would like to have a job in the game dev sector someday maybe. Probably not now with all the layoffs going on.

If it is not too much to ask, if anyone here with great expertise could review my project, and maybe give some pointers on what to improve in order to get a fighting chance in the industry someday, that would be great!

The project is available in Github:

And the most recent version is available to play on

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This looks really cool. I’ve shared with the team and also you might consider a post on the discord - I’m sure you’ll get interest over there.

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