Four more questions

Hi all, I am currently still working on my Quest and Dialogues Course in the RPG Course combat, but I had three questions in mind to ask:

  1. If we want to turn this into an MMO (I am aware that I asked this question before and there are no current plans to do so, but I’m really interested in this section. This might be a big deal or even impossible at the moment, but there’s no harm asking), what do we need to consider in mind?
  2. Can we use the Inventory/Banking system to open a trade between players for instance? How can we go around that?
  3. How can we monetize a game to run on a monthly subscription base for instance, through memberships?
  4. How can we implement an in-game chat system between players?

I am certain these questions might be way off my current learning environment, but it’s always nice to have a reality check about how to achieve these

There are definitely no plans on turning this into an MMO. That’s something that generally very large teams of programmers and networking engineers work on, and in those cases, generally you don’t work on the whole game, you work on your one particular bit of code while others work on theirs.

We do have a course on Unity Multiplayer where we focus on small scale networking to build an RTS.

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