Found subsystem NULL


I am running into issue I followed the videos so far, I have enabled plugin for steam, updated config file and added “OnlineSubsystemSteam” module in Project.Build.cs file

I also have steam running and I have tested steam itself via spacewars too. Although I am running into this error “Found subsystem NULL”.

I updated code to get all Sam’s code, so clone this below repo:

I am still seeing same issue. I am running this on Mac catalina with UE 4.24.4 version. Any help is appreciated.

Added snippet of logs below for more info:

[2020.07.04-21.56.13:583][  0]LogInit: Texture streaming: Enabled
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:591][  0]LogTemp: Warning: Found subsystem NULL
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:591][  0]LogSlate: Updating window title bar state: overlay mode, drag disabled, window buttons hidden, title bar hidden
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:591][  0]LogInit: Display: Game Engine Initialized.
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:592][  0]LogInit: Display: Starting Game.
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:592][  0]LogNet: Browse: /Game/MenuSystem/MainMenu?Name=Player
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:592][  0]LogLoad: LoadMap: /Game/MenuSystem/MainMenu?Name=Player
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:592][  0]LogWorld: BeginTearingDown for /Temp/Untitled_0
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:593][  0]LogWorld: UWorld::CleanupWorld for Untitled, bSessionEnded=true, bCleanupResources=true
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:593][  0]LogSlate: InvalidateAllWidgets triggered.  All widgets were invalidated
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:598][  0]LogAudioMixer: Display: No commands were queued while flushing the source manager.
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:599][  0]LogUObjectHash: Compacting FUObjectHashTables data took   1.16ms
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:622][  0]LogAIModule: Creating AISystem for world MainMenu
[2020.07.04-21.56.13:622][  0]LogLoad: Game class is 'PuzzlePlatformsGameMode'
[2020.07.04-21.56.27:439][769]LogOnline                                 VeryVerbose 

Thank you,

Have you launched the game from the Steam client? IIRC this was mentioned in one of the videos.

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