Flying through light; A spin on Argon Assault

Hi fellow devs, I have been working on my version of Argon Assault, which I wanted to make quite different from the course theme of space shooter. I am using this project to test out some mechanics that I plan to use for a future VR experience.

I’ve made enough progress to have some of the key elements I’ve been wanting to develop for my VR project. In this video, I am testing out some of the collision triggered particle effects. The player is a bird, and projects light particles, which activate glowing plants and tunnels (the tunnels will eventually be a hint for the safe passage through the dark canyon.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the concepts. Thanks for taking the time to watch this 0:47 second video:

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Hi Matt,
I like your video! Suggestion: why not illuminate a bit the bird with a dim child light, it is difficult to see when it is not over the water. But maybe you have your reasons for not doing it, I have no experience with VR. Keep up your interesting work!

Hi CriaCuervos, excellent recommendation. The latest version of my project has more lights, but I still have the problem of not seeing the bird at certain times. It’s particularly a problem when you don’t know how close the bird is to enemy spheres.

Here’s the latest version of the game, with a downloadable version.

If you don’t mind, I would like your feedback on the gameplay. I’ve made quite a lot of changes since the video I shared on this thread.

Thank you again for your reply! Matt

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