Flipping the cactus


Could we have flipped the cactus by rotating it 180 degrees in the Y direction?
I tried doing it and it worked for the instance that I was working on, but for some reason I couldn’t apply it back to the prefab.

If I understand correctly it isn’t possible(or at least takes extra steps) to apply transform changes on an instance to a prefab because it is more than likely that instances will all have varying transforms and applying transform to all would pull all instances to the same location. Could be very wrong on this one though, since I tend to do most of my prefab changes on the prefab itself.

On a related note though, I flipped my Cactus by using the Flip X on the sprite renderer located on the Body game object. Not sure what affect that will have on the prefab overall though since I took this step way back when we first created the cactus. I actually came to the forum to find out if there are any issues with flipping the sprite that way so if anyone has any insight that would be appreciated.

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My solution was pretty easy. Go to the Prefab > Body (or Child), Sprite.Renderer, Flip: X (check).


This is what I did, gun stayed in the right place.


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