FIXED -- I broke my game

Well I broke my Block Breaker game. I’m not posting what the problem is. I’m not here to ask for help… I’m just here to moan and groan for a minute … :grimacing:

So without further ad:
"“theyhavenoideatheyreallyhavenoideahowiritatediamatmyself… grrrr” :nerd_face:

Now back to either recreating my game OR figuring it out and fixing it… :bulb:

The thing that is irritating me at my self --> …This is not my first rodeo in regards to breaking my game… I have done the same thing twice with this same result… omg… I should have learned after the first time. There will NOT be a third. omg…

Back to the grindstone. If nothing else, I get to read a little in the documentation. It’s pretty nifty how you can jump from reference to scripting… You can get lost in those docs…


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This same thing happened to me before on a previous tutorial, so when Sam mentioned the GIT course in his RPG class, I jumped on it. It’s on sale at a great price right now.

I might try that later… I actually saw that when browsing the courses. But the thing is I HAVE to finish this. I have to fix it. While everything is fresh in my mind, I have to give it a shot. I only have 20+ lessons left in this section of the 2D. I can’t leave it hanging. I’m learning and really enjoying it. I just broke my game jacking around with it. Trying things etc…

I’ll get it fixed.


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I totally understand, and I believe you’ll do it! Best of luck!

(I’ve been enjoying a great study holiday myself!)

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When developing, I make many versions. Each time I open the project to add to it or make a change. I increment the version number and save immediately. That way, if I do break anything (and I break a lot of things), I just open the previous version and save it over the broken one. It’s like save points. :slight_smile:


Great idea!!! I’ll make versions too. Should have thought of that. I hope to have it fixed by the end of today and then i’ll create v1.

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IT IS FIXED with a backup I might add. I just have to create my level 2 again…


+2 to Tenacity!
+1 to Wisdom!


Level Up! :laughing:


:rofl: :joy: :dizzy: :100: :star: :sun_with_face:

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