[FIXED] .Blend Import issue

So it seems that the newest version of Unity 5 does not live read .blend files anymore. Can anyone else confirm this? I tried 5 different times. Three times I tried to save into my asset folder and I got the message that Unity could not convert the file into a FBX. Twice I saved the file elsewhere and tried to just drop it in… once into the program and once directly into the files. I still received the same error about FBX. If I import as FBX then it comes in just fine. I’m using unity 5.5.0f3

Anyone else notice this?

I just tried dragging my chess scene blend into an open Unity project’s Project pane, and it worked. There were warnings about “.” being an invalid texture name, but it worked. Unity 5.5.0f3 on Windows 10 64 bit.

That is weird, I get it no matter what model I pull in from Blender. Just tried to pull in a bowling ball (Was trying to bring in the pin before) and here is the message I get:

As you can see in the bottom left corner, this is the error message I get everytime I try to use a .blend file in Unity 5.5. I have tried different ways to do it, even tried re-saving the files so I can rename them since perhaps my version control was causing a file name error.

Any ideas?

Found out the issue. I still had my windows User Access Control set. Windows is picky when doing too many things (even if the program is run as Admin apparently) if you are doing them inside of personal folders such as My Documents. I went in, turned off UAC in the control panel and BAM… it works beautifully now :slight_smile:

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