First Attempt

I am new to blender. Here is my attempt for the first assignment and some playing around with medieval scenery.


These are really cool, especially for first attempts.
I especially like the tower, would look neat in a snowy setting.


Good first models from basic shapes.

Welcome to this site.


Very nice first models indeed. I’m also liking the tower in the third render. It makes me think of a lookout tower for a watchman just outside a medieval castle.


Check this out!

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Hello, Really cool idea, thank you for letting me know. So I just upload the picture as a reply on the topic you created? ("2021 Collab: Week 04 “Medieval age”) I am alittle lost with the topics an the sharing.

Yes, just jump to the the topic and add a reply, with your image entry.
You can always add a new version, but for the vote we pick the last uploaded image.

It is just having fun and working on something unexpected subjects.
Just to sharpen your skills. It really helps to do many small projects.

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Ok i’ll do that, thank you!

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