Finished Basic Combat Section - Feeling Good

I have started and stopped this RPG course a couple of times, due to just really not knowing where to start with the challenges. But restarted and whilst I do not get the right answer to all the challenges I get stuff down. I will of course repeat the entire series when I have completed the first run through, just to make sure. But happy that I made it so far and still smiling. Even if I do have to keep reminding myself its a marathon not a sprint :smiley:

Well done! It really is a marathon, not a sprint.

You probably know about the other Game Engine we support, Unreal, made by Epic Games. It’s a powerful engine with amazing graphics capabilities, powerful blueprinting abilities and more. 30 years ago, I used to play a game where you could build your own game inside of the engine called ZZT. It was entirely text based, using ascii characters to represent the locations on the 2d screen, much like Rogue. That game/engine was made by a newly formed company called… Epic Games.

Why do I mention this? We all have to start small, and work our way up. I’ve been coding since the 80s, and even now, as a TA helping new students on their coding journeys, I’m still learning new things every day.

Keep at it. Write some good code, don’t be afraid to write some bad code (and learn from the mistakes). Have fun along the way.

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