Final Pyramid Challenge (Adding finishing details)

Hi there,

I just added the last elements to my Jade and gold Pyramid/City Temple.

I went a bit over the top with the scale when I made the stairs. I really wanted a Karnak effect. The size of the bridge is to add some comparison with the size of the City.

My favourite bits are the top of the temple with different terraces and pools. I wanted to do a transparent waterfalls but not sure yet how to take that task. I have the canals ready at the sides of the temple for when I discover how to do it.


Very nice. Love the bridge, the ruined bit. As you say it helps create a sense of scale. Makes sense of the ‘tiny’ steps.


I really like the way this project is going.
The details on the broken bridge give dimension and scale to the pyramid.
But it sets also the obsolescence of the building.
Old broken bridge against fresh new looking pyramid.

Have fun, good project!

Some students worked hard on the topic “Kitchen Robots”. Can you have a peek and vote? Thank you so much.

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Such detail and planning. I love it. You are the kind of person I would enjoy working with!

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Thank you! likewise :slight_smile:

Thank you, It really needs more work to recreate a more complete scene but happy how it is so far. I think I’ll be adding changes as soon I get new skills.

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