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Hello all

I saw there isn’t a discussion so i thought i will start first

Most of the features listed in the video i want to do in the game
I also want to make a shop/Crafting / Blacksmith or other professions
And for that will want to implement mining and other resources to gather around the world

Normal money and special money to buy special gear or other stuff like mounts ( for later updates higher lvl of the game )

Im still not sure if to make Durability to equipment weapons and then do repairs too

Bank to store items that i dont want to have in the player inventory
Option for player to have more inventory slot by buying with in game money real money etc

Skills upgrade - Vendor/Master that sell skills for money if you reach that level by classes

After have some network with the game
Make a market for people can sell buy trade what they need

probably will have more stuff to add
but this is it for now

waiting to hear what other people think too

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How do you make this post attached to the first video ? (Shop Section Overview )

You should be able to post from under the video but I’ve tagged it now.

i did it from there and it opened it here
its not linked to the first video


You’re asking for features for the shop? There’s one thing missing that I’d like to implement from a lot of recent games I’ve been playing. Bartering.

Instead of directly selling things to get money, using them as items to offset the cost. If they want to buy your items of course.

This post is supposed to be attached to the first video of the shop for a discussion i wanted to made for everyone that take the course

Can write a list of features like asked in the challenge
Which is quite fun to brainstorm :wink:

Thumbing through the shops-abilitites posts, and saw this. This topic won’t find it’s way to be attached to the lecture on the course because it’s within the review group. Our Course can’t even see this topic as the Review Group is restricted to members of the group. Just one of those quirks.
I think, now that the course is “open” for early access, that it should be possible to create a topic that shows up against the lecture. In fact, I’ll give it a go now.

same, wondering how to implement those functions

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