Fantasy castle - done!

It took a while… but it’s finally done! Continuation from Finishing the fantasy castle - lesson done, castle still WIP

Made two versions. First one - only with what I’ve learnt in the course so far:

2nd version: experimenting on my own with shading and reflections (probably made many mistakes, but I will hopefully learn how to do it properly later in the course :crossed_fingers: )


Love the AO, make things POP-OUT!

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Thanks :blush:

I’m tempted to re-make this scene in blender :thinking:

…maybe later… I don’t need another project on top of what I already have on my plate :sweat_smile:

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I always look for projects which give me energy and inspiration. Or is a challenge at least.
It’s not the end result what satisfies me, but process between start and finish.


Looking great!


I think I have at least 50 projects that I’m excited to start (and finish) in my backlog :sweat_smile:. On top of the list is - Canyon Onslaught :grin:

I am totally loving this!! The shading inside the windows and gate areas especially. The shading in the entrance/gate area of the tower on the left actually gives me the feeling of depth, that it’s not just two dimensional.


This is really great @bOBaN - the second image really pops.

Very well done :partying_face:

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Very nice. I saw your thumbnails with this one. Kind of knew you will go that way. If there was a game with this scenery I would definitely play it. Cool design.


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