Failed to load window layout error in Dialogue Course

Ive been making the custom editor window and things are going well. However, every time I close Unity for the night and restart the next day I get a “Failed to load window layout” error. Oddly, if I quit Unity and reopen, it works fine.

Any ideas?

2 weeks and no response, so I thought Id close the loop.

Looks like this was a Unity bug in 2020. Not related to our custom editor window. Lots of people complaining about this online. Looks to be fixed in the most recent version.

Hi @jjaslow,

I’m sorry that you haven’t got any reply yet. I’m actually not a teaching assistent in this course but the error sounds familiar. Perhaps it’s not the same. Without knowing anything about your project or what you see, it is difficult to help.

Go to Window > Layout and select the Default layout. That should hopefully fix the error. If you created your own layout, remove that, rearrange the windows as you need them and save the layout as a new layout. Sometimes, the layouts are a bit buggy.

If you get a dialogue window with that error message, click on the “Load Default Layout” button.

Did this help?

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