Extra file not mentioned, .gitignore or not?

Hey All,

Just found a new file: “BuildingEscape.VC.VC.opendb”. It’s really similar to “BuildingEscape.VC.db”, and we .gitignore-d that, so I’m assuming we should gitignore this one, which I just did.
Please inform me if I have this wrong.


my guess it’s safe to gitignore it – it “smells” like the kind of file that would be automatically regenerated. Is it necessary to .gitignore it? depends on how big it is I guess. I don’t have the file myself (Windows 10, visual studio 2015).

That is a lock file, that’s only there when VS is open. You can ignore it OR, you can leave it to remind you to close VS before committing. I do the latter as VS opens so fast, but either will work.

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