Example in Steamworks SDK 1.50 does not work

Looks like the latest Steamworks SDK’s example doesn’t work anymore. I had to use 1.49 in order to get it to connect to a new game. You can download it here: https://partner.steamgames.com/downloads/steamworks_sdk_149.zip

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The Steamworks 1.5.1, latest update, is working fine. I confirmed this just yesterday. I would recommend you use this.

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I use steamwork 1.5.1 and failed. I confirm it just now. game could launch but once it connected steam the window freeze

Try 1.53a build. It should work

it’s really strange. this morning I restart my computer (windows updated) I found 1.5.1 is working ! last night I confirm 1.5.1 can not work … really wired…

steamwork 1.5.1 is sometimes working and sometimes freeze… I try to found a clue but didn’t success… really wired…

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Don’t worry about this. It isn’t important any more as a long time ago you had to build your own steamworks library for UE. Now it is integrated.

Watch the video and move on. It is nice to see it working but is not so important these days.

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