Everything in Hierarchy disappeared! ( Re-importing reversed but then re-saved and it all disappeared permanently)

Working on NumberWizard UI when suddenly nothing other than Main camera shows in the left side of my screen under Hierarchy. My assets are still shown and my script is intact but nothing in my assets remains!

I’ve tried reloading the project and that does nothing. What can I do to get my project back??? Did I hide it somehow?

For a while everything came back when I hit reimport all However I then saved it and I’m back to the blank screen as above.! Now reimport all is not working and I have nothing within each of my assets!

see: Unity corrupting files on save?

basicly, i didn’t understand the desired file structure for ‘Repos’ and what with 2 Unity installs and moving things into and out of unity 5, I have a duplicate “documents” directory.

will reinstall after this project and clean up file structure! Yikes need to watch for this!

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