Everyone post your merged models here!

Like many others I went the extra mile and cut the model down to 8 vertices.

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I also went down to 8 vertices, 6 faces and 12 edges.

I know you can cut it down to 8 somehow,

but I think 12 is good enough for me. I did the best in my knowledge.


Made an simple pyramid. It’s good to talk much about shortcuts. It helps the workflow

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I took the long way around. It worked though. Couldn’t we have gone down to 8?

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Same here. Removed the extras, created new faces. Then that brings up the question about whether or not that is the most performant… Should we really cut it down that far (there is certainly the issue of what we can do with the shape without having to add verts back in of course).

Here’s my periscope:

I also did it again with only 8 vertices:

Here is my merged model. It has 12 vertices

12 Verts as above models,
I pressed B, for border select, and selected the two areas that needed it, removed dupes and all is good.

I deleted the Edges on the sides, and that deleted the faces as well. I then created new faces on the 4 sides using the 4 remaining vertices on each side. feel this could be done quicker, and I guess I’ll learn the better method soon enough.

With “Remove Doubles” there are 12 vertices remaining, after deleting unnecessary cube edges in the middle I got only 8 vertices left.

Got it down to 8 vertices. :smiley:

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Also went for 8 verts, was surprised when the official solution stopped at 12.

Nearly fell into the trap of leaving all of the verts and edges in…

Here’s mine (:

I did it a few ways, i went in and did each individual verticy and merged them using the alt M command. but then i found i missed some. so after watching your solution i went back and just selected the whole thing and did the delete multiples


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