Error while using "raylib" library

Hi everyone. After I succesfully installed all needed raylib packages where it needed, I tried to run a program and suddenly got all these errors. It’s needed to say that I’m using ubuntu on my computer. Please help, have no idea what to do!!
Screenshot from 2023-03-08 22-16-15

It looks like the compiler is not liking spaces in the filepath to your project

Well, I thought that the problem might be, because the compiler doesn’t know where the file is located, so I looked up, and changed the path, the bug disappeared for some secs, but then it got worse.

Now it cannot find any raylib command, but when type those in, autocorrection shows me them, so it means that raylib is working somehow, but not as it should be.

Where did you change the path? There’s more than one location for raylib in the template.

I already fixed the problem using help from people on discord. The problem was that the Makefile contained main.c file for some reason, so it caused problems when I called my code file main.cpp and also because I missed some raylib files during installation. But nevertheless thank you one more time for the help:)

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