Error S1023 (Cannot Install DirectX SDK Solution)

Had this issue when trying to install the DirectX SDK (2010). The solution is to uninstall the 2010 C++ x86 and x64 redistributables, installing the DirectX SDK and then reinstalling the redistributables.

Microsoft has an easy to follow guide at the following link:


I get this error as well, but I don’t have any 2010 redistributables installed. I have 2013 and 2017 redistributables. Should/can I uninstall/reinstall those?

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Hello, I got the same problem and it took me while to find the solution so for those who have that problem in windows 10, just ignore it and it should work.

I had that installation problem but I didn’t test and actually it was working.

I did had the same error and one suggestion while installing the SDK was to execute it as Administrator, seems that solved my problem too :slight_smile:

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