Error on start debugging (intel Mac Ventura 13.6.3)


I’m running into an error when running the main program from the lesson. I was able to install the raylib library and include the file path in the cpp_properties json file, and I also updated the pathname for the xcode sdk in the properties file as well after seeing a post.

However, I’m still getting an error saying “Exception has occurred. EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address 0x0).” From what I’ve read online it seems this may be a null pointer error? I’m definitely in over my head trying to solve it though and could use any help. here is a screenshot of my code and workspace.

Is there a chance you can show the error when debugging in either the Output or Debug Console? Could provide some needed context.

Also, which model of Mackbook do you have, specifically? (got to be at least 2018, I imagine)

It’s a 2020 iMac. There was nothing in the output console so I took a screenshot of the debug console. Hope I got the right lines, the word error is in there at least once

Yeah, seems like a problem within Raylib itself, possibly even a known one (not sure). Officially the Homebrew version of Raylib has only been tested on Big Sur 11.3.1. It’s also not clear how up-to-date the Homebrew version is. Could also be a permission issue with audio?

One option to try (I can’t test this myself as I do not have a Mac) is to self-build a version of Raylib directly on your machine. This has the benefit of customizing that Raylib setup if you ever wanted to in the future. You’re going to want to look at this, this, and this if you want to go down that route.

Otherwise, and I know this sucks, you may have to wait for a Homebrew update. You can try this by using brew update then brew install raylib in your terminal.

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