Error on compile this lection

This course isnt followed at all, why?
Anyway hope you can update the video related to this lection.
After had copied everything with doubble check I got this error:
PIE: Error: Abstract, Deprecated or Replaced classes are not allowed to be used to construct a user widget. WBP_MainMenu_C is one of these.
No clue on how to solve it!
Could you help me teachers?
@sampattuzzi @ben

Can you include more of the error and also what you were trying to achieve at the time?

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Yeah sure let me go back to the commit and I will show you the problem!

I miss one lesson when I was watching and it solved my problem… ahahah No way!
Now I have a bigger problem, how can I merge my fix solution to the current project using SourceTree?
My situation is this at the moment

Im here and I would merge the HEAD (I go here using the Checkout option) to my master. I also have all the updated done right now that include the new menu working!
Hope you can help me!
Thank you @sampattuzzi

Click Branch to create a new branch and give it a name like temp. Then checkout master and then merge. You may get merge conflicts which you would have to fix up.

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Thank you Teaching Assistant @DanM

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