Error in VSC

I am having an issue with this first lesson, and I am stuck with VSCode on mac OS.

I keep getting this error and no matter how many pages I look up online about how to fix this, nothing has worked.

Hi vinceperalta,

Check that your compiled code is executable. Type ls -l in you source directory, you should see something like the following. If there is no x for executable then it won’t run.

-rwxr-xr-x 1 jameswilliams staff 39160 22 Mar 16:45 helloworld
-rw-r–r-- 1 jameswilliams staff 95 9 Aug 2023 helloworld.cpp


Also, as this is MacOS and not Windows, you may have to type ./hello (terminal apps are weird)

Thanks for the responses.
James, I’m not sure where the source directory is located for this, as I’ve only followed the lesson here.

Tuomo, this didn’t work either.

I may just try to restart the whole process and use my desktop PC instead of the Macbook, but this is really frustrating.

There’s a good chance then that your code didn’t build successfully. What happens when you try to build your project?

It looks like you’re having an issue with Visual Studio Code on macOS. Could you provide more information about the error you are seeing? In this case there can be many reasons

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