Epic Winter 2019 Game Jam Submission: Bad Cupid

I’ve lost count, my fourth or fifth submission (nope, haven’t won yet!)

Robot Cupids have declared a war on love! The loverboy is fighting this war. First-person shooter in the classic style. WASD + Mouse for controls, space bar to jump, C to crouch. Hitscan/Beam/Projectile/Rocket weapons and ammo pickups. Health/Shield/NVG powerups. Secret area, keycards, barrels, crates, exploding barrels, the usual Classic FPS things!

Main menu allows configuring character and controls/key bindings. Save and load games. In-game pause menu with Escape key. F6 for quick save and F3 for quick load of saved game. F7 to change to 3rd person view and back.

Player can dodge (double-tap WASD or single-key V key, including off wall) or swim (jump/crouch keys to swim up and down). Fire and Alt fire modes for all weapons (default LMB/RMB). E or O to operate (open doors, use key in lock, pick up and drop objects). Q for quick melee attack (or throw an object being carried).

Download for free here: https://tdvance.itch.io/bad-cupid

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