Entire Lecture not needed for UE4.25, but still need help

Hello! I’ve been doing this course in UE4.25, and this bug that spawned this whole lecture was never a thing for me to have to deal with at all, since it seems to have been corrected in the NULL subsystem for 4.25. I still wanted to learn to debug stuff properly and have run into some small issues there.

Due to this lecture I switched from visual studio code to visual studio, because I thought VS code was the reason I wasn’t able to find the .cpp files. So I moved to regular VS(2019). Intellisense is better for me on VS than it is with vscode, so I’m going to be moving over to that on the permanent. Anyhow on to the actual issue.

I used the ctrl-shift-F to find stuff in the whole project, but I can only find the .h files from the engine files, and I can’t seem to get it to find me the .cpp files to monkey about with the actual implementation of stuff. Its a moot point for this bug, because someone else has already done the fixing, but I imagine there will be future cases where I might want to get at the engine and online interface .cpp files inside my IDE. Am I doing something wrong? did the file structure of UE projects get changed from the version this was recorded on to what I’m using now? Any help on finding these .cpp files would be appreciated. Luckily this isn’t really holding me back in the course at all, and i’ll be able to plow on into crazy karts soon.


How do I find/modify the .cpp files associated with the shown .h files. alt+o is not working.

why did you go under plugins?

this is where the files are when I do the search for them.

those are probably just extra files, dude. Just go to your games, click on your game, go to source, then the name of the game, and voila! there they are!!

I think you’re misunderstanding the question I am asking. I am looking for the NULL susbsystem’s .cpp files, all I can find are the .h files. My game files are right where they’ve always been, I’ve never had an issue finding them. I want to get into the engine’s .cpp files, not the ones I have been writing myself.

In the video for the lecture he searches the whole project with ctrl-shift-f. I have done that, but the only files for the onlinesubsystems that come up are the .h files, the .cpp’s are not discovered.

oh ok. I have no idea why you would want to do that but I can’t help you.

I’m aware that this topic is old but I still want to show the solution for anyone facing this issue.

You have to check the Engine Source in the engine options then Generate Visual Studio project files for the engine .cpp files to show up in your solution.