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Hi. New here so hope I am posting question in the right place. Was wondering if there are any plans to expand on this controller’s lectures to also cover swimming/underwater diving states as well as enemy AI swim states to follow player.
(most guides I own on Zenva, Udemy, Lynda don’t cover water/swimming/diving either, ended up buying a full-body controller for it and stuck to using it since I can’t figure out how to add it on other controllers since I can’t fully understand that controller’s complex structure to copy it from it, and it wouldn’t be an RPG without water and swimming :smiley: ).
Past that, so far love this website, lots of guides from the Humble Bundle pack to go over still, looking forward to it.

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There aren’t any plans at this time for a swimming extension to the controller, but I’ll add it to the possibilities for future tutorials.

There are a few considerations with converting to swimming… You need to know when you’re “in” water deep enough to need to swim or dive, at which point you’ll change to a swim/dive state, and of course, you’ll need animations as well. Swimming, I predict, will be vastly easier than diving, because you don’t need to deal with trying to render an “underwater” environment.

It’s a fairly complex topic, so I make no guarantees at this point, but I’ll see what I can do.


Thanks for answer. Since I’ve asked the question I’ve decided to ask ask Chat GPT about it and found solutions I could actually understand for both swimming and diving for the player and got them to work by checking condition/trigger at “eye level” to know if character swims or dives. I didn’t get into the rendering part yet or about AI swimming to chase the player, but got 70% of it explained to me as if I were a 5 years old. (except parts of the physics which I don’t understand but hey, it works)

Just putting it out there in case there are others that would like this function until it will possibly be integrated into the guide. Thank you very much for your answer and for considering it, greatly appreciate it.

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