Enabling a Disabled Button Maybe Bugged

Was following the guide for disabling buttons. When I try to re-enable the buttons after the create/join fails it seems to be setting the button back to be Enabled and it even prints out that it’s enabled, but it’s still Disabled.

I do believe this is a bug in Unreal Engine 5.3.2

I did delete Saved/Intermediate/Binaries and Re-Generated and Re-Compiled but it’s still doing it.

Here is further proof, and I did try doing it without the NOT just in case, but it’s clearly firing true and clearly setting it to Is Enabled

Alright I got it…so I was Setting Is Enabled after

And because Blueprints are slower then C++ the C++ delegate was firing before the Blueprint function that disabled the button was firing…so basically I was enabling it from the delegate and then disabling it back on the button click event.

I’ll be honest though I’m still not sure how the Bound Blueprint event was getting so far through that event before the Next Button Function was being called XD

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