Emission Material and Bloom from Blender to Unity

Hi folks,

I created a simple model in Blender and used on some surfaces a glowing material. This was made by putting a emmision shader on it in blender and activated also bloom in the Eevee settings.

But when I export and import this into Unity via fbx Export. The material doesnt glow there. Also it is white or greyish instead of red (which was the glow color set in blender)

The normal -non glowing- materials are looking correctly after importing them.
Any suggestions what I need to do to make this work. Whats the general workflow for something like that?

I use currently the Built in render pipeline but if it will help I could migrate to URP. But first I need to understand the fundamental problem.

I guess it is a shader problem. Does the shader i used in Blender doesn‘t work in Unity? And more to the basics: Is a shader stored or „baked“ into a blender material and can be used by Unity? And furthermore: Is it common to use the blender material in Unity or is the usual way to import just the model and do the material stuff with Unity material and shaders?

Very confusing….

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Hi Marco,

Generally, it is advisable to assume that Blender (Maya, etc.) shaders are incompatible with Unity. While some might be compatible, you don’t want to waste your time creating nice shaders in Blender just to figure out that they don’t work in Unity. Instead, create your shaders and materials in Unity. Only then you can be 100 % sure that your shaders will work in your game. Unity shaders always work in the Unity version where you created them.

Also please feel free to ask our helpful community of students for advice over on our Discord chat server.

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