Emission and Spotlight

Hey everyone. I liked the concept Mikey showed in the lecture, so I did nearly the same combination of emission and a spotlight. It helped for the lamp… But I have anouther source of light inside my house, and even with spotlight it still produces this grainy effect on the ground and on the window. I think it’s because of glass shader I used for my window. I don’t know how to fix this yet, most likeky I’ll just use some denoising.


Simply more samples and or denoising.

Looking good though, better with a cleaner render.

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Does the glass have any effect on the scene? If not or only sparse then why not remove it?
Keep the design simple, then you can focus on other things, like the animation.
Glass means, bending of light, reflection etc. But do you need it to make it useful or have a reason for this?

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Well the window is matt, so it diffuses the light coming from inside. In previous iteration there was no light, but the window itself had an emissive material that produced same kind of grainy effect.
Anyway, I stepped on this rake deliberately. We’re just studyong, and I want to experiment with shaders and find out what can happen. And glass is widely used, so I need to be familiar with this shader.

Use on a bowl, vase or cup. Then you see better glass effects.

Hmm good idea. Will try. For now, I rolled the window back to emission. It looks pretty close to what I want and makes no grains.

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Some more tricky shaders (like glass or volumetrics) are much harder to calculate so there is a grain. There are probably lot’s of ways to optimize it, but what I find works OK is to either increase the sample count for renderer or use ai denoise (ex usage: Lesson 13 - first render comparison). Or both…

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