Edna's Age - Number Wizard UI Game Design

Edna’s Age

Scene 1: Intro.

Sceen 2: She tells you how old you think she is.

Sceen 3: She just read your mind…

Player Experience

I love Edna Mode, well who doesn’t? If you don’t, you possibly haven’t watched The Incredibles. Well you should. She is such a joy to listen to her pep talk. I don’t have Brad Bird’s voice but just have that voice in your head playing the game.

Core Mechaninc: Guess Edna’s Age, just think of a number, and don’t tell her what it is. Let her tell you what you think.
Core Game Loop: Tell her if her guess is Lower, Higher than what you think or Correct.

#PS, Just like @WebDevWolf, I have also done my layout in Photoshop since this challenge is at the start of the course. And hoping so much I get to pull off the same idea in Unity following the next lessons of this Lecture.


  • The character/images of Edna Mode are copyright of Disney and Pixar.
  • The font used is Dan’s Disney font, a free to use font by 538 fonts

Love your take on the number wizard. Very polished.

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Thank you @Rowen_Epp

So nice Castelli!

I’m a huge fan of the Incredibles. I love that you made this in smartPhone proportions. Honestly it’s a market where this kind of game might actually be used! You have a nice clean beautiful look on the page and I love the extra work you did to make the buttons match the style. I might have thought to do that as well but I was already putting too much time into a few extras I had in mind. Well done. Awesome!

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Thank you Jenn, you are too kind! :grin: Reworking the UI right now to publish the Desktop version of it, as per Rick’s Challenge. Tested it out on mobile it was super great, but on desktop, it is a little out of place.

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