Editor crash when tested in PIE - normal?

Kaan only tests the functionality with the batch job; not PIE. I tested it in both. My batch works as intended. However, PIE crashes the editor with an IsValid() check in the engine code.

I did some debugging and SessionSearch is null.

I think this may be normal at this stage of the game, I’ll see how things progress. I’m making this post incase sb is having the same issue. I’ll try and remember to make a note and update this if it’s an actual issue or not later in the course.

This could happen. There is strange behaviours with UE5 and steam OSS and so I would expect this. To prevent a crash, you could just check for null and log a message when it happens, just to fail gracefully.

Hi there,

I just tried this in PIE (as of the FindSessions lecture) and it doesn’t seem to crash for me. Have you made any progress on this one?

RE IsValid: I was getting a similar issue (different code) when SessionInterface was not initialized. Perhaps make sure everything was getting initialized correctly.

If you have your code posted somewhere, I might be able to test it locally and help debug further. Do you have a link to your code?

(Disclaimer: I’m a student, not a TA. I’m learning the same as you are.)


I think the message shown was relating to an ensure statement testing the validity of the session. I’ve not really seen it fail like this.

If the Null check did not work, getting source is the next step. Slow and steady.

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