Donut Thieves - My text based game

Hey guys!

I just finished my text game! I hope you can play it and give me some feedback!

Donut Thieves

See you around!


Love the title, wish I could play it. Do you know how to make a web GL build?

Thanks man, yes, now you can play without any problems! gl now.

This was great fun. I loved the writing, really a good entertaining read. I loved the ethic discourse, and the mayor exiling you for your cowardice, I laughed out loud playing this game. It was well programmed for the most part, would have liked there to be an inventory system.

haha yeh, i tried to make it fun…I’m now starting with the Number Wizard menus, but I’ll definitely add an inventory to the game. Also I want to add some images and sounds to the game. Thanks for the feedback andrew.

I just released my Number Wizard UI Game: Psychic Tester, I basically turned the Number Wizard upside down, the computer picks the number and you have to guess it. I developed a little algorithm to determine a person’s psychic power, and you can retake the test over and over to increase (or decrease) your psychic power score (which is roughly the inverse of the chances of a correct guess). I thought the Number Wizard game was pretty lame I didn’t have much fun playing other people’s Number Wizard games, I prefer the text adventures.

I laughed aloud after failing to jump the fence. Great, fun game :c)

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This is great! :joy:

Kudos both for the title/theme as well as for execution, very funny and well written (apart from a few minor typos). I really felt like a big belly hero! :doughnut::yum:

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Excellent use of humour and nice fail conditions! And great execution, of course. :slight_smile:

My only thought would be to standardise the text size between states.

Hopefully we get to see more of our maple-glaze loving hero in the future, though!

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Haha Thanks Sandry!

Yes, I know, english is not my native language, I was worry about that! haha Thanks man. :grinning:

Thanks Arimaus! Yes i have been a little absent , but now I have the time to end the course. Maybe when I make a more graphic game i will continue the history of our hero! haha thanks

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