Does any one else get Could not find type "Enemy" in the current scope

This line is the issue
if collider is Enemy:

It worked fine until then after the second run and some code changes now I get:

“Could not find type “Enemy” in the current scope.”

I have used the old way of checking the group to continue but all the work arounds i.e. comment the class_name line and delete .Godot/ I saw don’t seem to work for me.

Happens after the code change to check the enemy class name at 5:44 Godot, Dealing Damage Robo Rampage. This ask appears in that lessons discussion for me.


You posted in the wrong section, I think you might be able to change it by editing the post.
It looks like godot is supposed to be in the “Other Courses” category.

You did not create the class, check the course again from begginig

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