Documentation changed

I’m not very impressed with the latest documentation. Epic seemed to have made it more streamlined but removed the example code snippets making it difficult to copy and paste the OnOverlapBegin() function signature.

I had to add the TriggerBox->OnComponentBeginOverlap.AddDynamic(this, &APlatformTrigger::OnOverlapBegin); code into BeginPlay() for it to work. I assume the dynamic event registration is initialised after the constructor is called.

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The documentation for C++ is pretty poor. It can be downright frustrating at times. They seem to be steering people towards Blueprint which generally has better documentation. There’s nothing wrong with BP except C++ does have an edge over performance.

They’ve streamlined the source by using macros for a lot of the methods and probably extracted the docs from code - never a good idea.

Yes, the code, if in the Initialize Method executes after the constructor is called.