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I have managed to finish the game and it works fine but for some reason, I cannot see the score in Scene view. It is only visible in Game view. I am including a screen capture to show my settings. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this and how I can fix the issue? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Double click on the “Score Text” game object in your Hierarchy, alternatively select it and press F to set the focus on it. Then you’ll see it in the scene view.

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Hello! Thanks for your prompt reply. Your suggestion made me see the box outline in the Scene view, but then I cannot see the rest of the items I had in the Scene/Game view. It seems to me that they don’t seem to share the same “space” so it makes it hard to change the text box position, for example, as I cannot see where it will be placed relative to the other items. I am adding a screen capture to illustrate what I said. Any suggestions to fix this would be welcome. Thanks.

Its on your Canvas you have to zoom out a bit, if I’m understanding you correctly.

Yes, you are correct. If I zoom out a lot I can see both. However, I cannot see the score in the Score Text box in the Scene. Could you please tell me why? (snapshot enclosed)

Also, I cannot see the outline of the Canvas, like in your example. If I click on Game Canvas in the Hierarchy I am able to see it, but then I don’t see the Score Text box. What do I need to do to see both?

Finally, why is it that the Game View “image” appears so small in the Canvas (bottom left) and the Score Text box is so far away (top right) when in the Game View, the Score Text does appear in the Game View “image”?

I am new to Unity and I am trying to understand how the Canvas, Scene and Games views fit together.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

make sure your reference resolution is correct and all other settings are similar

and your font size is pretty big try making it a little smaller although it looks fine in your game scene or actually make your scoreText box boundary bigger you can try that as well

canvas is just an overlay on the game view just makes for a more flexible easier to create UI
Canvas explanation here

How are you getting on with this, @GameGG?

Thanks, the issue was resolved.

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