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Got a question about the remaster of the Blender course to 2.8? Let’s all snuggle into this cosy topic.

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After Section 2 (the current end of the 2.8 content) it seems to start over with the previous version. I was looking through the topics to find the best continuation point but they seem to be a mix of features already taught and new stuff. What is the best place to begin watching again?

@Michael_Bridges will be able to advise on this, and I’m sure @Marc_Carlyon will have an opinion too.

I’ve moved to #blender:ask for you.

Thanks Ben,

Hi Dan_W,

The way that the remaster is happening means that the newer sections come in at the start of the course.
This means that the older sections get pushed down a level so when the new section 1 came in the old section 1 came after it in order. Likewise when section 2 was released it pushed the older section 1 down to section 3 position. So to clarify you have section 1 and 2 of 2.8 and then the old section 1 and 2 of 2.7x and then section 3 of the older content.

The best bet if you wanted to follow along in 2.8 with the 2.79 content as Mikey suggested is to skip the first section you encounter in 2.7x and maybe follow the second section using the skip buttons if the content is repeated or watch on *2 speed.

Its always worth watching the older content though as the general teaching is the same but the UI is different and i am in the Q&A on Udemy and here in the Ask section on support runs if you get any issues.

If i get stuck then we both shout for Mikey :wink:


I like watching the old vids at 1,5 - 2 speed, it is good to learn something after a few weeks again, there is always something that I have forgotten, even small details. I like to be used to Blender in a comfortable way with a efficient workflow.

The new vids about 2.8 are a little bit to fast. I don´t like timelapses very much in an explainer video … But I love the background music. If I was new to Blender I couldn´t follow the course with the new fast pace. I ´m glad, that I have started with 2.79.


@Michael_Bridges note feedback about pacing

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So only intro to new way blender looks is going to be new in course ?
Or are there completely new topics covered ? Maybe new blender functionalities or unique new content ?

Asking bcoz I don’t want to rewatch everything if it is only UI remaster. But might if there was new stuff covered which wasn’t previously in course. Thanks in advance !

Apologise for missing tis but we will be adding new features and changing the course up a bit.
So its well worth rerunning the course to see what new content will be added and also the improved teaching of the sections.

Personally if you have the course i would run the first few sections and see how you feel as they wont take long to run though.

Hope this helps


Okay thanks well see how it goes :slight_smile:

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I hope that my reply will be read by Michael as a suggestion rather than a criticism :slight_smile:

I completed all the remastered part (2.8) of the course and then I started again with the version 2.7 course
This did not only serve to me to reinforce the knowledge of the topics covered, but I found many more details in the old course
For example: I recently completed the section about the Animated Lamp: in version 2.7 there is an in-depth section on how to export models for game engines (make a single mesh with vertex groups and rename the bones of the armature).
This is completely missing in the remaster, I think this information should be included because it’s crucial for games development


I am only a few lectures from finishing the animated lamp section and curious if there is a semi eta on the next section? I know it takes time, I am just excited, I have learned more from this course then all the years doing youtube tutorials and never really “getting it” like this.

Any news on the release of section 6 remastered?

Also looking forward to the next section! Specially for the Game Asset Pack!
Any eta would be nice to chill the hype if it’s going to take long

@Michael_Bridges maybe you could chime-in here with some idea of remaster timeframe.


Hi Ben, All good?
In my course the blender 2.8 version stops on Section 5, then goes to 2.7 version, is that the last update?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Daniel,

Not at all!

We are making a couple of changes though that will delay the next few sections.
In the previous iteration of the course we had the fluffy bunny then game asset (church) and then the human head. It makes much more sense to have the hard surface modelling and the organic modelling paired together.
This does mean that the next section being the church and modular building design that it takes a little longer to prototype.

As soon as i have any news or Mikey is in a position to give a date rather than an estimate we will be updating but we are not finished the remaster until we reach the end and all 2.7x content is archived :slight_smile:

Hope this helps with the information i have atm


The Game Asset section will be the next section due to start shipping early September… Announcement on the way, but basically I’m about to move house so there will be a delay in shipping until the broadband is up and running :slight_smile:


Any info on when the rest of Section 5 (animated lamp) will be posted?

Hello Michael and “Jelly”,
Thanks a lot about the information.
Ok Michael, I will following on learn the sections, I always watch the same class many times to review all tips and topics, as in Blender and Unity. As soon as you update de class I will watch again.


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Hello! Thanks for remastering and keeping the course up to date. It’s insanely helpful. I am wondering whether you plan to cover the 2d animation tab of blender? Or how to use blender for 2d? Thank you!

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