Different player prefab in online game?

Hi, I was trying to create a game mode that lets me have some players on one side, and a game director in the other, which is going to send enemies to the rest of the players.

As far as we saw in the course, all the players are a replica of the player pawn setted in the game mode, so how could we make a diferent player spawn?

That is actually a great question and I hadn’t considered that myself. I would imagine one way would be to have to have settings on your player character to handle this. I suspect it would involve changes to the game mode which may also be another way and on spawning of the character, could create the right character.

This might be a question you’d get an answer for on the discord. I am sure someone else will have done this.

Thanks, I will try to ask about it on discord. By the way I saw you answered my post about steam subsystem, but as I was on vacation I couldnt answer before the thread being closed. Thank you so much, the error was coming from UE not finding the map I was trying to load. I changed the directory of all the maps in my project but not in my project settings.

I had another question about how online subsystem works. Is there a way to search for LAN games that are created in our network without knowing the hosts IP?

I am unaware of any way to do this on a local lan setup. You need to know the server name (ie local pc address) to do this.

I could be wrong but basically trying to find running servers would potentially trigger intrusion detection.

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