Difference in using Tile Pallette vs Artwork in indivisual frames

I am doing the course on Unity 2D. As of now, I am at the point where Rick is explaining about Tiles, Tile Palettes & Tile Maps. The asset pack which Rick is using in the video, using that, i am not getting any feel. So i thought of downloading any free assets from asset store. But even from them, i was not getting any feel. I thought may because the assets are pixel art. So i searched in the internet and got introduced to doing my own Artwork and using it in different frames. Its just so beautiful. Now, as of now i dont know if i have a talent in artwork area or if i could ever create something so beautiful by my own but i still want to learn that. And hopefully apply my own artwork in my game.
Now i am thinking of skipping the Tiles, Tile Map, Tile Palette section. So, my question is, Should i skip it or learn it? Is it a very important aspect of 2d game design?

Hi Sidharth,

The Tilemap is an important tool if you want to create a game with tiles. Placing tiles manually can be fairly exhausting. The Tilemap tool can speed up your workflow a lot.

However, that depends on the game. If your game does not need any tiles, it would not make any sense to add tile sprites.

If you plan to complete the TileVania project, I would recommend to not skip the videos on tiles and the tilemap because they are essential in this project. Generally, it is better to know that something exists than to not know it. Spend a couple of minutes with “boring” things. Maybe you’ll need the tilemap in one of your future games. :slight_smile:

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