Did you do it?

Did you manage to revert your project using the new git clean command I showed you?

Much more handy than manually deleting derived files in Unreal hey?

Hi Ben

When I did this and reloaded Unreal I get the errors in the Message Log, also the project in Visual Studio was deleted.

I’m using 4.13.1

@Ashengar The error messages are due to a template change in UE 4.13.1, as reported by @Marc_Carlyon here. Follow the link for a suggested fix, or live with it until something better comes up. @ben and @sampattuzzi are aware of the issue, it seems several people have run into this issue.

Regarding the Virtual Sstudio project files, did you try to generate them from the .uproject file? (Open the project folder in Windows Explorer, right click yourprojectname.uproject and select Generate Visual Studio project files from the context menu).

Thanks for the reply wowsuchamate.

I’ll live with the errors for the moment, and doh nope I forgot lol.


no i ingored the past 2 videos

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