First Person Character Template

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If you started this section recently then you may find you have an issue that might not appear until you restart the editor. NOTE :- This only happens in version 4.13.1 not in the 4.12 versions
It happens to a clean project as they have changed the template to include VR content (Thank-you to Jacob Kemp and Joe Banes on facebook for telling me this!)
To get rid of the VR Motion controllers and the VRGun you will have to edit the firstpersoncharacter.cpp and .h files and remove them there.
I have tagged @ben on facebook as some may struggle to remove the content. It doesnt break the project but you do get an annoying pop up with 3 errors each time you restart the editor. It could become problematic later in the course.

EDIT :- If you want to remove it rather than reverting back to 4.12 then edit the header file of firstpersoncharacter first. Removing all instances relating to VR gun or Motion component. The cpp file will then highlight what you need to comment out (becareful of brackets!!!) and then compile in unreal to see if you missed anything.

Thanks again to Jacob and Joe on the facebook group

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @sampattuzzi are you able to help with this now you’ve taken over the course?

Can confirm that this issue still remains with UE 4.13.2, and I expect it is a permanent change. I also believe it is related to HeadMountedDisplay now being included in the *.Build.cs file since 4.13.1, as so;

PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "Core", "CoreUObject", "Engine", "InputCore", "HeadMountedDisplay" });

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I think I will include this as an extra lecture in the appropriate part of the course. Which video does this first happen with?

If you start the project in 4.13 this problem occurs its not actually tagged to a specific video.
Upgrading to 4.13 during the project i dont think changes the first person from the 4.12 one unless they changed that template as well.

I was wondering where I should insert the video to explain removing this VR stuff?

Lecture 196 is where Ben starts the first person template and using git LFS. I would suggest after this one as this would be where it would become apparant i think.
Maybe have a note that they can carry on though this lecture and the issue will be resolved in the next (new lecture).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

On second thoughts I think I might just annotate the video because it is for a newer version.


To be honest the three errors it causes it a fairly easy fix and if they get stuck the post is here :slight_smile:

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