Details in perspective - SciFi grenade

Maybe these subjects “Battle ax”, “Swords”, “Rockets”, “Grenades” are too gender-specific subjects?!
Maybe the course is targeting specific markets?

Drawing the final black lines (Inkpen), made me a bit nervous. Which made the lines less robust, less confident. And the shading on paper is still difficult in comparison to digital art …

I like this concept, maybe to be used in a Blender model :wink:

EDIT: 3D conversion


Looks good! Any plans to make a 3d model out of it? Edit: ah, scratch that. I missed the line when you wrote that you are tempted to use it in blender.

Game art, isn’t it? Most games are having violence in them… And when you look at the what people tend to do at first, what is drawing them to art are swords, guns and tanks :wink: . Though obviously that’s not only things that game have in them and there are games without violence in them… subjects are virtually unlimited.

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Ai, I didn’t saw the “making 2D game art” part. But again, it’s a very male-dominated subject.
It probably scares a lot of people away.

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Lovely work :slight_smile:

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Love the detail on this SciFi grenade! I look forward to seeing more :smiley:

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