Dedicated Server Video

It was mentioned in the course wrap up video that dedicated servers aren’t a topic as they share many of the same concepts. I’d love to see some links to a reference, or a quick video describing the basic process in a future update!

Anyway, thanks for the course. It’s been great fun!

Well done for getting all the way through. Dedicated server is a topic we would like to cycle back to. I may have under appreciated how much there is to do. But basically I think all you need to do is create a server only build:

Admitedly that’s a long process but it’s very likely to change frequently so building it into the course would be really painful as I would be teaching a tool not a skill.

I completely agree with @sampattuzzi here (about the pain for teaching the tool not the skill).
I can say I followed the mentioned link using UE4 4.19 and it worked flowlessly. Just a word of warning: there are many sub-steps to be executed in order to do a working server build and the build operations are very long. With my PC (which is a bit old but not outdated - still able to play recent AAA games at max framerate with good or max settings) they took 1.5 hours per build and you have to do at least 4 builds (two in Visual Studio and two in Unreal Editor for client and server versions).

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Thanks for mentioning that you have tried this. Good to see that the instructions are workable then!

For future students who may be interested, the link above is no longer valid as their wiki has been shut down.
The new link is on Unreal Engine’s Community Wiki at:

Hope this helps,
Michael M.