Dedicated Server, EOS, Matchmaking

yes, I would like to have a dedicated server extension for this course! also EOS (Epic) implementation with onlinesubsystem, and about matchmaking. EOS have its own simple matchmaking but steam I dont know. now ranked matchs are popular, so I am interested in learn how to make a matchmaking matching players with similar skill based on elo.
also an RPG server or survival kind of server would be great to learn too!


Dedicated servers are an issue because you generally have identifiable data being stored and therefore you need to consider data protection laws. This is why they are not covered because laws will be different in each region and it is to protect gamedev tv in case they are breached.

EOS didn’t exist when the course was created. That and multiplayer matchmaking could almost have an entire course of their own. For the most part the rest of the course should work as is with EOS.

Dedicated server extension on the wishlist – absolutely! EOS (Epic) integration and diving into matchmaking jazz? Count me in!

Ranked matches and elo-based matchmaking sound like the real MVPs in the gaming world! Exciting times ahead for leveling up those skills!

And hey, switching gears a bit – ever considered exploring Windows VPS RDP for Forex? It’s like adding a new level to the game with Forex trading on a Windows VPS. Double the tech fun, right?

Hi, as mentioned above, the dedicated server is an issue because of the need for identifiable information. It is up to the individual to ensure they are data protection compliant (such as GDPR in Europe where a single record stolen can result in a 200k fine) and so it was chosen not to touch this area.

As for EOS, you now know how to use Steam as an OSS - replacing with EOS shouldn’t be that hard and there wouldn’t be much different to integrating it over steam. Steam was chosen because at the time EOS didn’t exist and then later, it was in beta when changes were made. Now, Steam is still a lot more popular so it makes sense to cover this and let students adapt. Even the new Co-op course only covers steam for this very reason.

Finally matchmaking. That needs a whole course on its own…honestly. Matchmaking logic is specific to each game and how they want to implement it and not really anything within the OSS themselves. I’m sure there are plenty of tutorials out there that cover this.

These are the reasons why they aren’t covered in the course. Unfortunately, this course is no longer being maintained as it really is for UE4 and not 5 and there is now the new Co-op course to take its place for UE5. As it happens, some of this course is still very relevant.

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