Cycles render

@Michael_Bridges said he’d be happy to see what we did with our first touch on nodes, here is my lamp after applying some materials


Looks great

Does the wire at the top move when the lamp is adjusted?

Yes they were moving, but I took them off as it wasn’t looking that great

Beautiful, love the attention to detail!

Yes, I must say beautiful job and excellent detail!

Thank you both :slight_smile:

This was the end result: End of lesson 5, my results

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Again, very nice job!

May I ask how you got the base and shade so nicely shiny? I was shooting for that type of effect on my lamp but just could seem to get there. I guess practice is the thing to do.

Well, it’s just a glossy effect along with a mix shader. Here a screen of the material

Thank you for sharing!

This is the lamp after applying your settings. It gives it a more realistic enameled looking finish.

This is before with my settings. I was way off the mark for shiny! Also, it made a huge difference to have white for the glossy color. I had added the red color to the glossy shader in an attempt to darken the color but see that it caused the lamp to be more of a matte finish, softening the gloss.

You’re welcome! It definitly looks better! Not that the first attempt was bad, but maybe not really metal like, bit more, maybe, wooden?